Hengst - AC Pollen Filter For Polo/Vento/Fabia/Rapid - E961LB


  • Rs. 1,100.00

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  • Almost 100% of all allergens caught, Ideal protection against pollens
  • Resistant to mold and bacteria, Removes almost all fine dust from the vehicle‘s interior

Hengst, Germany is a Global Leader in Filtration with OEM supplies to all leading car companies in the world. Hengst now offers Blue.care filters in India. Blue.care - Great vehicle climate – Five times protection for your health. 1. Pollen - One in five people suffers from a pollen allergy – and allergies are increasing. More and more children are among the sufferers. Drippy noses and watery eyes can also noticeably affect the driver’s attention. Blue.care protects you from allergens that common filters can’t block! 2. Fine dust - Fine dust particles can significantly affect our health. They can penetrate deep into your bronchial tubes or even get into your blood stream. But there is a way to effectively protect yourself: Blue.care filters stop almost all fine dust. 3. Mold and spores - Mold spores that can have an effect on our health are all around us. They spread even more quickly when the weather is moist and warm. Blue.care protects you from mold and mold spores. 4. Smells - Whether you’re in a tunnel, near a freshly fertilized field, or driving by a purification plant or construction site: No one wants to have unpleasant smells in their vehicle. Blue.care protects you even from pungent or acrid ammonia and sulphur gases. 5. Bacteria - An infinite number of types of bacteria are in the air all around us. Thanks to a specialized coating, Blue.care filters are resistant to bacteria. This helps them maintain their filter function at all times – for healthy air in your vehicle‘s interior. We are Authorized Distributors for Hengst, Germany.

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